CangZhou HuiBang Electrical & Mechanical Product Making Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cangzhou Huibang Electrical & Mechanical (Group) Co., Ltd.(short for ORBON), is a professional manufacturer of cabinets, sheet metal, stampings parts and copper bars. Our products are widely used in important industries, including energy and energy storage, wind power, new energy vehicles, rail transportation, automobile , engineering machinery and other fields.

Advantages of technological process: Manufacturing process: stamping- sheet metal -welding - machining - surface treatment - assembly - inspection.

Equipment advantages: large presses, laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine, robot welding workstation, gantry type full automatic electroplating production line, suspension robot painting production line, etc..

Test experimental advantages: three coordinate measuring instrument, laser tracker, ultrasonic flaw detector, coating measured thickness tester, coating measured thickness tester, color difference meter, gloss meter, conductivity tester, pressure tester etc..

Qualification: ISO9000 quality system certification, IS014000 environmental management system certification, OHSASl8000 occupational health and safety system certification, TSl6949 quality system certification, ISO3834 welding system certification, EN15085-2 CL1 rail transit welding quality system certification, EN1090 steel structure welding enterprise system certification, GJB9001-2009 military quality system certification, Hebei Province precision die blanking technology and die engineering technology research center, provincial enterprise technology centers, provincial safety production standard secondary enterprise certification;

ERP management system: We have achieved full coverage of resource management, including: human resources, equipment and safety, supply chain, production flow, technical processes, quality control and other fields.

Location and traffic


  • The core area of integration in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region;
  • Away from Jing-Tai( G3 ) Expressway ( Exit of Nanpi ) 4Km;
  • Away from Beijing-Shanghai express railway ( Cangzhou West Railway Station) 30Km;
  • Away from Tianjin International Port 120 Km, Beijing International Port 230 Km, Jinnan International Port 180 Km;
  • Away from Tianjin Shipping Port 150 Km, Huanghua Port 80 Km.

Organisation ChartOrganization


Logistics capability



Domestic logistics

1、Fleet and transport capacity

Our company has its own logistics and transport fleet, a total of 7 freight vehicles, with a strong technical team of drivers. Vehicles have all been installed GPS. The company implements fine management of dynamic for the vehicles, and can ensure transportation of raw materials according to production plan, as well as delivery of products safe and on time to the customers according to the sales plan.

2、Express delivery network

Our company has business cooperation with Debang, Shun Feng, EMS, Shentong and other well-known express companies, improving delivery speed of small and bulk parcels.

International Logistics

Our company has business cooperation with Shengda, DSV, Dai, Federal Express (FedEx) and many international companies. Transport includes land, sea and air, forming a three-dimensional logistics operation system, which can deliver the products fast to the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Japan and other more than 30 countries and regions.


Copyright(C) Cangzhou HuiBang Electrical & Mechanical Products Making Co.,ltd.



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